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JB® Glass Railing Components

Julius Blum & Co. Inc. designed the JB® Glass Railing system in 1979. Independent load test reports are trademarks of this system that is designed for use with ½” or ¾” glass. When installed according to the detailed testing assembly instructions, the system supports a load of 300lbs applied at any point at the top of the railing up to 42” in height. Mouldings in aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and Nickel-Silver, allow for the versatile and unique design of each railing.

Proper assembly of the system is crucial to the strength of the rail. All shoe moulding sections can be surface mounted, flush mounted, or attached to the fascia. Refer to Catalog 21 for assembly details. All testing meets and/or exceeds today’s current safety standards. Request your copy of our test report or download it here.

The JB® Glass Rail system is widely used in both in commercial and residential work and is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor applications.

All items required for this railing system are in stock in substantial quantities for prompt shipment.