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Treillage and Ornamental Railing Panels

Julius Blum & Co. Inc. treillage and ornamental railing panels have always been cast in the USA. Our ornamental railing panels have been evolving since the 1920’s- they have been used at wineries, hotels, private residences, and notably around the porch at the Eisenhower’s summer retreat. They are offered in a variety of patterns– cast in either aluminum or malleable iron. Aluminum castings keep weight to a minimum, making them ideal for gates or removable screens. Malleable iron castings are preferred for their strength and resistance to breaking.

All castings are double-faced and cleanly finished. Those with an eye for design will appreciate a way to add style to their railings:

Ornamental Railing Panels

Functional and design conscious, our malleable iron railing panels provide architectural details on stairs and straight runs. Each panel has been designed to meet current code requirements.


Double-faced and superbly detailed, malleable iron allows our Trelliage patterns to be welded or cold bent without the risk of breaking or shattering in the course of normal handling.

Ornamental Collars

A cost-effective way to provide details to a stair, fence, or gate. A wide variety of design options are possible using a combination of ornamental collars.