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Handrail Brackets

For convenience and ease of reference, all of the handrail brackets, which appear throughout various sections of our site, are brought together in one chapter. All brackets have always been manufactured in the USA.

Blum brackets include our traditional wall brackets, Carlstadt® self-aligning brackets for both wall and post, vertical mounting brackets- often seen in elevator applications or hospital corridors, and a selection of stamped and extruded wall brackets. When installed, Carlstadt® self-aligning brackets rotate freely until the chosen handrail is properly aligned. Screws for all handrails sold separately.

Our brackets are sold in aluminum, bronze, nickel-silver, stainless steel, malleable iron, stamped steel, and most recently introduced titanium, in alloys that match our handrail mouldings and pipe.

Julius Blum & Co. Inc.’s handrail brackets are designed to meet or exceed acceptable safety standards and have been laboratory tested. Test results are available upon request.