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These wall brackets, available in aluminum, bronze, nickel-silver, and stainless steel, are self-aligning. Once the concealed wall attachment is made, the bracket yoke—which attaches to the handrail—rotates freely until the chosen handrail is properly aligned. Various styles are available to coordinate with different handrail styles and with pipe railings.
These wall brackets are more traditional in style and may be used in a multitude of applications. The various styles allow for concealed fastening or by attachment with a single 3/8" mounting bolt through the wall flange center.
Post brackets, available in aluminum, bronze, nickel-silver, and stainless steel, are post-mounted variations of the Carlstadt® wall brackets. A solid post is prepared by drilling and tapping to provide a match to the 1/2" stainless stud included as part of the bracket. The stainless stud may be replaced with a post bracket hanger bolt for attachment to a wood post. Hollow posts require a clear hole to be drilled with a tapped post cap or anchor plug inserted to accept the stud.
The mounting brackets are useful for mounting handrails vertically as in an elevator cab or hospital corridor. These brackets are often used with wood handrails, vertically mounted. They are also suitable for mounting handrails on top of a parapet or knee wall. Adapters are available to permit attachment to pipe or round tube.
Aluminum Carlstadt® Post Brackets (center bracket with extension)

Glass Mounted Handrail Adapter Kit with bronze Carlstadt® bracket

For convenience and ease of reference, all of the handrail brackets which appear in various sections of our catalog are brought together in this section. Included are brackets for wall, post, center rail and vertical mounting; for use with moulding or flat bars; for pipe railings; and for specific applications.

Aluminum: Cast brackets are made of high-strength alloy Almag 35—suitable for clear anodizing. Extruded and machined brackets are of alloy 6063—suitable for anodizing, including most of the hard coat anodic processes (black anodizing may result in consistent matches; consult your anodizer before specifying). All, except as noted, are satin finished. Pipe rail brackets are stocked with a clear anodized finish—AA-M32-C22-A31 (204R1)—as well as plain. Aluminum brackets cover a wide range of applications, including wall and post mounted brackets, brackets for center rails and brackets for vertical mounting of rails or panels.

Bronze: Cast brackets are made of alloy C86500 for close color match with extruded architectural bronze C38500 and red brass C23000. Extruded and machined brackets are of C38500. All, except as noted, are satin finished and lacquered.

Nickel-Silver: Cast brackets closely match extruded nickel-silver handrails. Extruded and machined brackets are of alloy C79800. All, except as noted, are satin finished and lacquered.

Stainless Steel: Brackets are made of 18-8 chrome-nickel alloy, stainless type 304, for high corrosion resistance. All, except as noted, are satin finished.

Malleable Iron and Stamped Steel: All types are stocked with flat top member for mouldings and with curved top member for pipe rails. They may be welded or mechanically fastened to the rail. Pipe rail brackets are supplied galvanized as well as plain.

Julius Blum & Co., Inc.'s handrail brackets have been designed to meet or exceed accepted safety standards and have been laboratory tested. Test results are available
upon request.

Fasteners, except as noted, are not included. All items are carried in stock in substantial quantities and are available for prompt shipment.

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