Connectorail® and Pipe Railings

Pipe Railings

When quick-to-assemble is key
Our Connectorail® pipe railing system is designed to be strong and quick-to-assemble without the need for welding. Components of this pipe railing system slip together and are joined by concealed mechanical fasteners at the intersections, or by epoxy structural adhesive at the splice joints.

Despite its quick and simple assembly, the Connectorail® system has been engineered for the utmost structural strength and has been tested to assure strength and integrity when properly installed. This system meets all established safety standards when installed in accordance with our data and instructions.

Versatility in Design
We offer a full-range of designs and fittings suitable for practically any stair or ramp railing condition. Adjustable handrail brackets and ramp rail tees are recommended for unusual ramp or stair angles.

Stronger Connections
We have found that non-welded connections eliminate issues like welded discoloration and expensive grinding. Instead we use structural adhesive, stainless steel machine screws and lock washers, and threaded tubular rivets.

Reinforced Strength
We allow for Connectorail® to be embedded in floor slabs, floor flange, or side mounted on fascia. A reinforcing insert is used at the base of the post for added strength and stiffness.

Established Safety Standards
Continuous lengths of posts and top rails provide a system that is inherently stronger than one with cast tee and cross connections. This is in keeping with the established safety standards and code requirements. The structural integrity of the railing depends on the proper selection of components, location of posts, and proper assembly and installation.